Wealth Creation

The Advice Process

A financial plan is a tool advisers use to help map out your financial future. While it involves in-depth analysis, sophisticated modelling and a set of cohesive recommendations – it is essentially a means to achieving your lifestyle goals using proven processes. Many people link financial planning with retirement, which while important in creating wealth is only one of the areas you need to consider to get you started on a confident and secure future.

A professional financial advisor can help you identify and shape your goals, uncover hidden financial opportunities, carefully explain complex strategies, consider your options and help clarify your government entitlements, with a view to their tax-effectiveness.

Who is Financial Advice appropriate for?

No matter what your age or situation in life, a financial advisor can assist you.

Young Professionals:

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Couples and Families:

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What happens when you meet with us?

1.Understanding you and your goals

Our aim is to get a complete picture of your financial life – your work, lifestyle, family and financial commitments. This together with discovering your financial goals and your attitude towards risk – will help us determine the best strategies for you. If you were to continue at this stage, we would ask you to sign a form and provide a fee for initial strategic work.

2.Creating a plan tailored to suit you

Once we have analysed your situation and goals, we will then be able to devise a customised plan. We will discuss how each element of the plan will work towards achieving your goals, and ensure that any questions are addressed before implementing. We will then formalise your plan in a Statement of Advice. This details all aspects of the plan and its goals, and will also explain any fees or commissions that would be payable should you decide to proceed with implementing any of the proposed investments or recommendations.

3.Putting your plan into action

It is important to ask questions and make sure you fully understand everything contained in your financial plan before you proceed. After you have approved the plan and are happy with the strategies proposed, we will then begin bringing your plan to life by setting up and maintaining the appropriate investment accounts, insurance policies, etc. This stage of the process may involve various documents being sent to you as reference material, or as notification of implementation.

4.Ongoing review and updates

We are also available to provide regular reviews of your financial plan on an annual basis depending on whether your financial or personal situation changes. You can decide. You will also receive account statements from the product providers which detail the value and performance of your investments. Where an ongoing service fee is charged you will also be provided with a fee disclosure statement.