We have developed our in-house systems to provide efficient service for individuals across Australia looking for expert advice on their tax situation. Simply follow these steps to have your tax return prepared by our team:

Click here and download the Tax Return information forms that you’ll need.

  1. Complete the Tax Return information forms and post or e-mail them back to us.
  2. An expert accountant from SBS will then contact you to discuss in detail your tax situation to reduce your tax to the minimum legally possible.
  3. You’ll receive your Tax Return by post or email for you to sign.
  4. Return your signed Tax Return to us.
  5. We’ll lodge your Tax Return electronically with the Australia Taxation Office.
  6. We’ll check your Notice of Assessment to ensure it is correct and send it out to you.

And don’t forget: we’re here all year to assist you with any tax questions you may have.