About us

As a successful Australian owned firm helping businesses like yours excel at effective decision making for over 25 years, we understand the challenges you face. From developing business strategy, to meeting goals and maximising your net worth, our experience and enthusiasm means you are provided with a friendly team of professionals who are eager to use their expertise to help you succeed. Our senior managers and staff form teams within industry groups based on expertise, passion and experience. As expected, our professionals are drawn toward areas where they’re most excited and inspired by the successful outcome of your business.

We’ve developed our traditional accounting and taxation practices into innovative client-focused services. Our flexibility and adaptability will ensure we can help you get the best results, offering a platform that changes as you change, and supports you no matter where you are in your process.

Grow Your Business

Specialised Business Solutions provide business development advice custom to your business. We examine how you can improve both your profitability and grow your business.


No one likes paying tax. Specialised Business Solutions assist you in ensuring your business or investments are structure appropriately and you are taking advantage of tax minimisations strategies relevant to your circumstances.

Financial Planning

As with most life goals, a financial objective is hard to meet without a plan. In conjunction with our Financial Planning Partners, Specialised Business Solutions can assist you to bring your financial goals into focus and make them a reality.


Specialised Business Solutions combine high level tax knowledge with strategic Finance Partners to assist you in sourcing and structuring finance to purchasing property, equipment or investments.


What Our Clients Say